Why Become a Sustainable Business?

It’s All About Sharing & Social Responsibility!

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We launched our first share site in 2016. It was no mean feat, as our founder embarked on a journey of countywide collaboration across Lancashire. Through trusted connections and the creation of Lancashare, an online marketplace and central sharing point for businesses of Lancashire, that vision is being realised and the county and its businesses, now work much more collaboratively as a result.

Within our first year, we were multi-award winning, Northern Powerhouse Partners and GB Shared embarked on its national journey with a vision and mission to put a share site in every UK county.

All that sharing isn't just great for the business community either. Whilst our members get incredible & measured returns for sharing, collectively, these businesses are positively impacting our carbon outputs and our unemployment levels, working collaboratively to help stimulate our economy and embedding social values across each county.

In 2021, we launched our national youth platform, The Gen. Backed by Innovate UK, to enable our members to share opportunities with this, and future generations, bridging the gap between education and industry.

Everything we do is about impact. Impact for our member businesses, our communities, our future generations, and our planet. In 2022, we adapted our share sites to help businesses in the sustainable arena, by introducing a global, sustainable accreditation in partnership with CSR-A.

In 2022, we launched the U.K.'s first sustainable business register & online marketplace, where we aim to:

  • Educate businesses on sustainable measures
  • Signpost businesses to support in acquiring those measures
  • Assess & support businesses who registered for the accreditation
  • Accredit & badge those businesses who pass the assessment
  • Populate our Sustainable Business Register and Green Magazine to showcase these 'sustainable' organisations
  • Better position businesses for future work and contract wins
  • Protect our planet for future generations

The Benefits?

Commercial Benefits

Public & commercial tenders are just one of the things we share. We've shared millions in tender opportunities, direct to our members inboxes. Sharing tenders increases spend at local level, it stimulates a local economy, creates local supply chains, and reduces carbon outputs. Sustainable businesses are more likely to win tenders than those without an accreditation and more likely to be part of larger supply chains.

Environmental Benefits

A sustainable accreditation is a great way to show your sustainable standing and has many advantages. It show’s you care about social and environmental challenges and that you’re working to improve them. It provides a framework to ensure your businesses is as CSR friendly as possible and recognises the work you’re already doing, as well as guiding your improvement plans. All this leads to a better place, people, and planet.

Cultural Benefits

The benefits of a strong corporate culture of sustainability supports wider sustainable inclusion. It inspires employees to give back to their communities and it promotes sustainable choices at home and work. Potential new employees are also attracted to more sustainable organisations.

Our planet and environment benefits hugely from businesses being more sustainably conscious, when will you begin your journey?

What does it cost?

CSR Accreditation Applications Fees (Three-year CSR Accreditation)

* Prices are subject to change

Sole Trader/Micro £750

Small (4 – 20 employees) £2,000

Small to medium (21 -50 employees) £3,900

Medium to large (101 – 250 employees) £6,900

Large (251 to 500 employees) £7,800

Large/Corporate (501 – 1000 employees) £10,800

Large/Corporate (1001 – 5000 employees) £14,400

Large/Corporate (5001 – 10,000 employees)

Large/Corporate (10,0000 plus) £24,000

Multiple sites and entities such as groups, partnerships and local authorities please contact us to arrange a bespoke CSR Accreditation package

Third sector organisations benefit from a discounted rate based on turnover

Small (up to £500,000 turnover) £1,500

Medium (up to £2,000,000 turnover) £2,250

Large (over £2,000,000 turnover) £3,000 in total

CSR-A can provide a CSR Application consultation ‘hand holding’ service to provide guidance and review of an organisation’s application before submission to our independent CSR Accreditation Application Assessment Panel. £350 half a day.

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